Website planning and creation

Bianco offers you a complete plan for your website with a professional experts designers,
- Domain Registration: Every website starts with a domain ex: (, org, net, etc.) which allows anyone in the world to find that website and browse it easily.
- Hosting for website or emails: any website needs a place to store all the data, it needs to work properly so that why emails data backup stored in a hosting cloud or server.
- Creative Web Design: Good Looking attractive website makes your customers feel safe, and comfortable to deal with a professional business, creative and modern website.
- Front End-Development: is everything a user sees and clicks, this design is what brings the front-end to life, it allows mobile responsive also it has a content management        system, moreover we apply various types of testing to assure high quality.
- Back-End Development: it is the hidden development part, however its the integral part of your website’s frontend. When creating a website, it is crucial not only to take         care of its appearance but also of its performance, resilience, and security.
- Quality Assurance: We have a dedicated team that delivers end-to-end support of the entire testing suite, combining automated and manual approaches in order to        ensure your final product runs smoothly and meets performance, security and functionality standards.


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