SMS Marketing

Text messages still working as a powerful tool in Marketing today with a very high open rate exceeds 95%, SMS Marketing one of the best performing channel, that mobile phone in hands or near to everyone.
So, if you eager to grow your business and spread the awareness of your brand, Bianco SMS Marketing assured technique that your targeted customer checked your offer and looked at your business even more it could direct traffic to your website, SMS services offer also appointment and booking features, other than send and receive messages.
SMS Marketing considered as an easy to use tool also ability to measure your business growth with affordable budget to start it.

  • How it works:

    - Targeted SMS in Jordan for users profiled according to age, gender, location, and income.
    - Location based messages delivered within one day to groups of people in specific locations in Jordan
    - targeting groups of specialists such as doctors, lawyers, engineers,
    - Industry based messages targeting specific businesses


    - Commercial Short Message Service
    - Short Message Service
    - Financial Short Message Service


    - Arabic and English Languages
    - Long Messaging
    - Personalized or Merged Messaging
    - Normal and Popup (Flash) Messaging
    - GPS Messaging
    - Enhanced Messaging


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