ERP Systems

Professional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for your business from Bianco, get your Easy to Use Software. Smart easy system equal prospering business.

  • CRM

    Bianco CRM software enables customer interaction, support and sales force automation. Technical solution for customer relationship management helps businesses manage communication with current and potential clients, used by the sales team, sales representatives, and call centre representatives to maintain contact with customers quickly and easy and respond to their needs.

  • POS

    The best Retail POS (Point Of Sale) System from Bianco hard to beat, great help for small and medium business, Simple to set up and easy to use providing automated capture of financial and sales transactions. includes loyalty program , online offline reliable system to use it anywhere at anytime.

  • Sales

    The Sales software that you can rely on for a solid constructed sales deals from quotation to sales order, customize your templates send quotation, close deals and get paid safe and fast.
    Show your products and services digital catalogue and price list, send invoices and invoices tracking system, building a trust worthy relationship with your customers for upselling opportunities and referrals.

  • Timesheet

    Organize, Schedule, Plan, Analyse.
    Schedule your teams across projects in a timesheet software. Plan ahead for upcoming projects with forecast built-in tool.
    Don’t miss your projects estimate deadlines . Compare forecasts with real timesheets for high profitability.

  • Project

    Project-based solution Improves Salesforce engagement, helps establishing an organised pipeline with your the assistance of your virtual system.
    Flexible project management software now simple and productive, with the ability to track and maintain your project from any stage, encourage team collaboration for project managers and teams to achieve their goals on time.
    Keep every small detail registered to meet your deadline, generate reports, and forecast your demands and supplies resources and cost.

  • Help desk

    Proactive self-serve and smart easy human interface.
    Organize your customers tickets based on priorities you determined, with an amazing smart interface, improve productivity and solve your customers tickets.
    Get an instant overview of your team's workload and track the status of a any ticket.
    Keep in touch with your customers through multi-channels, from e-mail, live chat, to website form.

  • Manufacturing

    All you need in a single software fully integrated system.
    Accurate planning directly based on actual manufacturing time measures.
    Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system that offers medium and large-sized manufacturing businesses within a smart platform.
    All in one, Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Routings, Worksheets, Manufacturing Planning, Control Panel, Work orders, Maintenance Requests, Equipment Management, Quality checks, In Process Alerts.
    Dynamic reports on everything and performance analysis help you make faster and accurate decisions.

  • Purchases

    A purchasing software that provides the most efficient improvement in costs, productivity, and risk management parameters within your business supply chain.
    PO Issuance directly to vendor.
    Convert RFQ to PO.
    Modify, view, and print POs,
    Real-time reports, PDF or Excel, Automated approval.

  • Accounting

    Accounting Software with a simple interface and solid financial management solution to handle the accounting of small, medium & large size companies.
    General accounting and receivables & payables management, helps your business in budget management and asset management.
    Increase efficiency & ensure 100% accuracy.

  • HR

    Human Resources system schedule all your needs in one software from Vacations and sick leaves calculation, End-of service calculation and provisions, Payroll calculation in compliance with the Labor Law, to Payslips generation.

  • Inventory

    Inventory management software for tracking inventory levels, orders, and shipments deliveries.
    A well organised inventory leads to a trustworthy business, which prevent shipments delays through a real-time stock tracking,
    A Fast/slow moving item, plus a minimum stock balance control and alerts, in another way Optimize your inventory level.
    your warehouse is more efficient thus you would be able to track every stock move from purchase to warehouse to sales order.


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